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Audio systems

An Audio system allows us to easily manage and communicate with our entire institution to announce emergencies or alternatively to special events and to leave background music.

Alarm systems

The best protection for your property is an alarm system that will alert you directly if a burglar enters your protected area, activate a local siren, and alert the property owner by sending warning messages and if interested can be connected to a security center. This will alert and keep burglars away.

Network and telephone 

Both at home and at work it is important that we have good communication so that we can produce and promote more. cu security specializes in the installation and upgrading of customized network and telephone systems 

Intercom systems

It is important that we have privacy and a sense of security in our home and workplace. An intercom system with an electric lock that will leave unwanted guests outside and give you a convenient ability to decide when and who can open the gate at the entrance and enter your home or office.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras can help deter and catch burglars. When you can watch live at all times on what's happening on the property and all the information is being recorded and stored, you will be closely following what is happening on the property and give yourself a sense of security.


About Us

At CU Security you will receive personal service from a professional team with extensive experience in low voltage systems including alarm systems, security cameras, intercom systems, and more. We come to you to discuss and advise on the best solution for your needs free of charge. 

CU Security accompanies its customers from the system's design to the completion of their installation, while adhering to timeless and uncompromising professional and aesthetic installation that will last.

The equipment we use to install for our customers is the highest quality and most advanced in the world.

Our company is located in the heart of the capital Jerusalem and provides service in Jerusalem, in Gush Etzion, Beit Shemesh, Modiin and the surrounding area.

Satisfied customers

The installer understood my needs and did a nice and professional job without rounding corners.

We set up an alarm system with professional advice in an attempt to match my home needs and save on what was possible and didn't try to sell products I didn't need. We were graciously provided.

Hillel Davis
איתיאל טוויטו

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